Thursday, April 11, 2013

If "stuff" could tell a story": a 1940s book ...

I've just become a " newbie in YouTube land " - with another digital tool I am hoping to experiment with. I think it may assist with what I am trying to do so for my first try, I'm using some simple images of a textile project & with YouTube, have made it into a slideshow.

It simply "tells the story" or rather summarizes some research (started a a few years ago) regarding needlecrafts during WWII & in the context of Make-Do-&-Mend. If you'd like to know more regarding the making of this book, then click here to read about it.

From past experiences & reflections of my life to date, many items I've made have been recycled from previously used textiles &/or haberdashery as well as various items found around the home. Some I've decided to temporarily display here: 'Recycling'

By the way, "Stuff" in the post title is an early definition to mean fabric or material.