/ about the Gallery

The gallery's named " CiCi" originates from early 1980s when it was my shop's name as well as a label for fashion garments I made. When other work commitments became a priority, the shop and its clothes was forced to shut but in the 1990s, the name was resurrected for use by an advertising agency. Here I enhanced artistic design and computer skills but in 2005, this also shut its doors. However in 2013, CiCi went back to its original roots, was given a make-over and became CiCi Creations. In the past, the CiCi logo had used a variety of different colours and styles - many adapted purely for business purposes. However in this next phase, the colours are representative for the start of a creative journey ... one I personally wanted to begin many years ago!

Now, the background image here depicts my earliest memory of somewhere I found especially inspirational and how I perceived the sights around me at the time. (If you want to find out more about this, click here: post-war West London)

NOTE: The image is also used as being representative of a means of 'escape' - from something I find too mundane, temporarily unable to understand or usually, just somewhere I 'disappear to' and be creative !